Calgary leather sofas

How To Choose the Right Leather Sofa for Your Calgary Home

One of the hardest decisions when furnishing a Calgary living room is choosing the right sofa. Whether you choose a classic leather sofa or any other style, your sofa is going to be a true centerpiece of the room and one of the most-used pieces of furniture in the house. This is an important decision and one which goes beyond simply choosing a piece based on style. A great sofa can potentially last for decades, or even become an heirloom!

What should you consider when choosing a sofa in Calgary? Our team at Furniture Extreme has some advice.

What To Remember When Buying a New Leather Sofa

  • Size

How big should your new sofa be? This is going to be determined by the number of people in your house, as well as the size of the room.

A sofa is going to be one of the most prominent pieces of furniture, but it shouldn’t completely dominate a room. It should fit comfortably within the space. If you have less space, but more people, consider an L-shaped sofa rather than a long straight sofa.

That said, sofas are also very effective at breaking up a space, such as in an open floor plan. In this case, a larger and more dominant sofa may be a good idea, if you want to split a room into multiple parts.

  • Functionality

There are a lot of extra features you might find for your sofa. For example, many designs include built-in recliners or footrests, if you want a couch that doubles as a reclining seat. The same is also true of sofas with fold-out beds if you foresee having a lot of guests sleeping over.

There’s also the possibility of buying a sectional. Sectionals are sofas broken up into several pieces which can be moved around easily. These are more expensive but offer so many more options in usage and layout.

  • Design And Softness

Calgary leather sofas tend to be firmer, so if you want a softer couch, you may want to consider other fabrics. Another major consideration here is how high the back will be. Lower backs create more space in a room, but may not offer all of the back support you need. Choose comfort ahead of aesthetics here, but keep the aesthetics in mind.

Are you uncertain whether a leather sofa is right for your Calgary home? Furniture Extreme can help! Please contact us with your questions, or schedule a consultation.