5 Techniques for Amplifying the Look Of Your Dresser

5 Techniques for Amplifying the Look Of Your Dresser

A master bedroom with a sanctuary-like atmosphere can promote feelings of calm and serenity throughout the home. Styling a dresser in a minimalistic and simple way helps to reduce clutter and create a more peaceful environment. These 5 techniques for decorating dressers in Calgary will help you achieve a balanced and amplified look.


Add height to your dresser with a tall structure such as a vase or a lamp. If there are shorter elements on your dresser such as a jewelry tray or candles, throwing in a higher structure will pull the look of your dresser together and allow for better eye flow.


Layering with different backdrops such as a mirror or a modern art piece can change the look of your dresser. It can go from looking bland and flat to elegant yet maximalist. You can play around with the colors of the frames and choose colors that are different from the dresser itself and also try to lean the art and mirror against the wall. This allows for a fun, trendy, and chic look and adds variety to your dresser. Furniture Extreme carries the best quality dressers in Calgary.

 Horizontal Balance

To achieve balance in the horizontal space, you can use items such as books or boxes of different sizes to fill the space. This can enhance the overall aesthetic of dressers by creating a cohesive appearance with taller vertical pieces. It creates an equilibrium between the horizontal and vertical lines. Use pieces such as books, candles, or boxes to achieve this.


Incorporating a structural element can enhance the visual appeal of horizontal surfaces. These elements can be natural, such as a branch or piece of coral, or more contemporary options, like wooden links and beads. These items can be used to create texture and interest by stacking them on books or placing them on a tray. Incorporating this can assist in creating a cohesive and fashionable aesthetic for your dresser area.


Adding plants or other greenery to any space can give it a face-lift. You can either purchase branches from a store or simply go outside and pick some from your garden. When incorporating multiple items with greenery into your space, it’s a good idea to mix up the leaf size. This can help create visual interest and contrast.

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