Choosing The Right Coffee Table for Your Calgary Home

Few pieces of living room furniture are more crucial or more versatile than the coffee table. It can be a table for food, or drinks, a desk, a display space, or even just a nice footrest after a long day. It’s a foundational item in your living room, and often one of the centerpieces in the space. That makes it important to find the best possible coffee table for your Calgary home.

Coffee tables come in almost endless shapes, sizes, and styles, so how do you pick the right one for a modern Calgary living room? Furniture Extreme has some suggestions.

Choosing A Great Calgary Coffee Table

  1. Start with the basic dimensions

Before thinking about other considerations, it’s important to start with the basics: how big should your coffee table be?

If you already have a coffee table, how happy are you with its size? Would one which is bigger, or smaller, work better in your life? Use what you know.

Otherwise, focus on the size of the space, and your usage. A coffee table should be prominent, but it shouldn’t dominate the entire room, or be so large that it creates an obstacle to moving around. In terms of usage, the more people who’ll be making use of it, the bigger it should be to accommodate their food, drinks, and/or feet.

Have a clear idea of the dimensions you want before you begin shopping, and that’ll help narrow down your search considerably.

  1. What could damage the table?

Next, consider what could happen to your coffee table. For example, if you know you’ll be using it for drinks, be sure to pick a surface that isn’t easily stained or damaged by spilled drinks. Or if you have pets, you’ll want to assume they’ll be climbing on it – can the surface stand up to their teeth or claws?

If you want something easily-damaged, you’ll need to take steps to protect it, such as possibly putting a plastic or glass pane on top.

  1. Match the aesthetic to your room

Typically a coffee table should match the rest of the room, rather than contrasting or otherwise standing out. So the colors and design should be chosen based on the overall design style of the room.

If you find a table you love, but you’re worried it might not fit in, think about rugs. Having some sort of rug beneath the coffee table can help connect it to the room, or provide a style ‘bridge’ that links design elements in the table to everything else.

Furniture Extreme Provides the Best in Calgary Coffee Tables

For years, we’ve been one of Calgary’s top sources for the best modern home furnishings. We have an extensive selection of coffee tables in stock, with styles and designs to fit any room. From classic woodwork to ultra-modern steel and glass pieces, we know we have a coffee table you’ll love.

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